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Forever Living Products Eagle LogoForever Living Products  (FLP) has grown from the desire of a single man in to the dream of millions of distributors and eager customers. Rex Maughan had dreamed of a home business concept that would carry together 2 objectives which were nearest to his heart and soul: better health, and financial independence. He finally realized it out in 1978. He found out that by mixing a new set of natural alternatives for enhancing health and wellbeing with a marketing plan, he accomplished a better sense of well-being, at the very same period getting better influence over how he invested his time and earned an source of income.

Not known to Rex and his very first set of distributors, a lot of persons the world over were anxiously looking for those identical alternate options, specifically, nature’s resources of good health and beauty, as well as more versatile methods of earnings. Thus, the forty three men and women which joined that first-ever FLP products meeting in Tempe, Arizona in 1978, could not have foreseen the unthinkable business success that have lead from their respectful attempt to offer nature-based medicines to the public while accomplishing for themselves several measure of financial freedom.

The truth has been overpowering. FOREVER LIVING is nowadays a multi-billion dollar company performing business in more than 145 nations around the world. It is as well the world’s biggest grower, largest supplier, and most significant producer of Aloe Vera. From its International Head office in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rex Maughan, president and CEO of FLP today guides the actions of the more than 9.5 million distributors, which appreciate the assistance, tools, and suggestions that they require to live more healthy lives and increase their businesses. Their goods consist of Aloe Vera beverages, Aloe-based skin care products and cosmetics, as well as a complete collection of nutritional health supplements and bee hive products. FLP provides of a full system for naturally obtaining much better health and beauty - and a fat wallet, as well.

The chance — FOREVER LIVING marketing plan

The quality and reliability of FLP’s variety of goods and the simplicity of their home business strategy has continued to be the key points of interest for a lot of who made the decision to give it a try. Certainly, many began out as clients basically in lookup of much better health goods, then has become happy consumers, and finished up FLP distributors. Other people noticed the company potentials right away and began creating prosperous distribution chains. What ever their original reasons for having involved with the company’s products, the final results was the exact same: their businesses prospered, and they started to support other people to turn out to be much healthier and wealthier.
The majority of distributors attribute the achievements of FLP’s marketing plan to its efficiency, one of the simplest to get started in one’s own personal business. Along with FLP’s products, you‘re beginning with established, consumable products, in a steady, 33-year-old company, and in a non-stop expanding market. The marketing plan is like that when you get began, FLP will certainly provide you with the system and assistance that will support you develop your business to what ever capacity you wish. Their marketing strategy is generally believed to be safe and does not enable for pass-ups. In other term, once you achieve any position in the marketing plan, you’ll remain there and benefit from the achievements of your own group. FLP business plan is mainly created to support motivated people to create strong, steady businesses.

In My personal Opinion

I would tell you that FLP offers a great opportunity to individuals who wish to own their own firms with minimal capital investment. It is a Multilevel marketing, no doubt. And just like almost all other MLM companies achievement arrives thru strong attempts to sponsor other people to promote FLP products, and have these ones recruit yet others, and so on. Can you earn income doing this? The proof supports a yes answer. There are basically too many people (a few of them quite ordinary individuals) which have prospered promoting and hiring people to sell FLP’s natural health and beauty products, like that it could be difficult to reject their success stories. But when aimed out previously, this frequently calls for commitment and dedication and hard work. No success in any kind of business has ever happened entirely by chance. The size of the success is usually what shocks the achiever, but not the idea of achievement itself, which is typically a final result of using the correct steps, performing the perfect thing, working the correct method and creating the proper attitude.

The key to achievement with any kind of network marketing company is exactly how good you understand to market your self and catch the attention of high quality leaders to your own company.



FLP company in numbers

May '78 - Grand Opening
in Phoenix, Arizona FLP introduces Aloe Vera Juice, Gelly & Lotions in several Western States

1979 - FLP expands across the U.S. Facial Kit Activator introduced
sales hit  $1 MILLION!

1980 Aloe Vera of America manufacturing facilities in Texas purchased Forever Resorts opens


JUNE 1981 FLP joins International Aloe Science Council Forever Resorts opens marinas in Callville Bay & Cottonwood Cove, Nevada Aloe Vera Juice receives Kosher rating Personal care line introduced

1982  Forever Resorts opens marinas in Callville Bay and Cottonwood Cove, Nv. Aloe Vera Juice receives Kosher rating. Personal Care line introduced. Trading started in Canada.

1983   FLP purchases Robson Bee Products - Bee products introduced FLP opens new corporate offices in Tempe, Arizona. Trading started in Malaysia, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico.

1984  FLP becomes the first company to receive Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval for product purity & consistency
Trading started in Singapore and Brunei. SALES TOP $100 MILLION!

1985  FLP introduces nutritional supplement Nature-Min 1985. Trading started in Thailand.    

1986  FLP introduces Aloe Fleur de Jouvence skin care system. Trading started in Hong Kong.

1987   FLP introduces Aloe Fleur de Jouvence skin care system. Trading started in Indonesia and Taiwan.

1988  Trading started in New Zealand, Netherlands and United Kingdom

1989  FLP introduces Aloe MPD. Trading started in Mexico and Korea.

1990   Forever Resorts buys Southfork Ranch. Trading started in Ireland and France.

1991  Dominican Republic aloe plantation purchased - Aloe Vera of America expanded. Trading started in Philippines. 

1992  New warehouse added to Aloe
Vera of America in Mission, Texas. Trading started in Spain and Germany.

1993   Trading started in Peru, Poland, Panama, Greece, Uraguay, Chile and Paraguay.

1994  Trading started in Ecuador.

1995  FLP purchases new 90,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona

1996  FLP purchases new 90,000 sq. ft corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Az. Trading started in Israel.

1997  Sonya Colour Collection introduced.  Trading started in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Russia.

1998  Dominican Republic aloe plantation expands to 5,000 acres. Trading started in Venezuela, Uktaine, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

1999   Dominican Republic Aloe Vera plantation expands to 5,000 acres. Trading started in Italy, Switzerland and Romania.

2000 Website launched.  Trading started in Nigeria, India, United Arab Emirates.

2001  Trading started in Caribbean. SALES TOP $1.3 BILLION!

2002  SALES TOP $1.77 BILLION!

2003  Forever Living Products marks its 25th anniversary. SALES REACH $2 BILLION!

2005  Operating in the US and over 110 countries with over 8 million distributors worldwide

2006  opened New Aloe Vera of America facility 274,000 sq. feet

Forever Launches New Corporate Logo – The Forever Eagle


2008  Operating in the US and over 125 countries with over 8.75 million distributors worldwide

2009   Forever Giving foundation established to help worldwide people to fight  against poverty, hunger, natural disasters and disease with focus on children. Sales increased 4,5 % worldwide.

2010   Operating in the USA and over 143 countries with over 9,3 million distributors worldwide. 720 000 new aloe plants were added to Forever plantations. 7000 mosquito nets were donated by Forever Giving. Sales increased 3% worldwide.

2011 Operating in the USA and over 150 countries with over 9.5 million distributors worldwide.


Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel is the principle ingredient in FLP aloe-products:

Aloe Activator 99.66%
Aloe Vera Gel 96.239%
Aloe Berry Nectar 88.853%
Forever Freedom 88.86%
Aloe Vera Gelly  84.82%
Aloe First  78.435%
Aloe Propolis cream  74.7%
Aloe Lotion  64.385%
Rehydrating Toner  44.77%
Exfoliating Cleanser  43.404%
Shampoo Conditioning Rinse 43.0%
Gentleman’s Pride  42.0%
Aloe Bath Gelee  41.84%
Firming Foundation  41.0%
Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion 37. 573%
Aloe Heat Lotion  37.573%
Aloe Body Toner  36.65%
Body Cond.Creme 36.0%
Moisturizing Lotion  36.0%
Night crème  35.25%
Bright Toothgel  35.5%
Aloe lips  35.4%
R3 Factor 35.0%
Aloe Liquid Soap 33.1 %
Aloe Scrub  31.0%
Aloe Deodorant 4.4%
Aloe Pro-set  3.85%






Rex Maughan founder of FLP

Rex Maughan - founder of FLPHe is a billionaire business owner with operations in 145 countries, a sponsor of philanthropic projects world-wide and frequent flyer miles to match, yet long time Arizonan Rex Maughan is a remarkably simple man.

He responded with typical humbleness lately when he found out that his alma mater, the W. P. Carey School of Business, had named him to its "Alumni Hall of Fame" for 2007. The creator, chairman, president and CEO of Forever Living Products, a Scottsdale-based brand of natural health and cosmetic aides, stated of the recognition, "I am proud of ASU, and of being a graduate student. But I do not really feel like I have done enough to get into the Hall of Fame," stated Maughan.

As for the tag "billionaire business person," Maughan jokes, "It makes me feel funny. I don't know how to write that many zeroes!" But the FLP empire is great. Launched in 1978 to make products from the aloe vera plant, FLP at its foundation is a MLM company. The company has expanded from its roots, however, and today operates resorts as well as promoting makeup products. And Maughan himself is involved day to day in the operations of his far-flung holdings.

An entrepreneur through real estate to health and wellness products Maughan grew up on a farm in Soda Springs, Idaho, surrounded by a tight-knit Mormon family. His life revolved all-around plant and harvesting cycles, horse back riding and close friends -- one of whom is his right-hand person in company nowadays. Ranch lifestyle might be tough. Throughout the lean periods, he remembered layering cardboard over the holes in his boot soles "so the alfalfa stalks didn't poke through." He never ever forgot those a worry times; in reality, as an grownup, he funneled that vulnerability into constructing schools and digging wells in disadvantaged smaller communities.

Similarly, the scruffy farm kid's love of the outdoors developed into the environmental activism in the U.S. and overseas. He started to be involved with the U.S. recreational areas system, participating on thorny public-land and cattle-grazing concerns. In Samoa, when a Japanese corporation started logging a rainforest, he asked tribal chiefs -- Maughan speaks Samoan -- to terminate the agreement and switch the acreage in to a preserved park; in return, he created a modern school to replace the village's thatch-roofed hut, and employed licensed teachers.

Maughan started investing in land while continued to working as an accountant in the early 1960's, purchasing a couple of acres here, a little farm there. After that, tiring of accounting, he became a member of Del Webb, building contractor of retirement residential areas, and invested the following thirteen years working his way up while continuously adding to his very own real estate and ranching investments.

He created FLP (Forever Living Products) in a two-room business office. The firm at first produced creams from the aloe vera plant, a desert succulent well-known for its therapeutic qualities. The product line has expanded and diversified, today capturing one hundred and eighty health and beauty aides varying from nutritional vitamins to aloe laundry detergent, from spring drinking water to lip high gloss, from protein natural powder to bee pollen. Because aloe vera is always a crucial component in numerous of Forever Living products, Maughan segued in to aloe cultivation and processing.

He branched directly into the vacation resort business in 1981, under the umbrella of a sister organization, Forever Resorts. "I just like traveling and discovering locations, and I wished to have fun while I worked, so it created sense," Maughan describes. "When somebody asks, 'what did you do this week?' I am likely to say, 'oh, I dedicated a brand new office building in Vietnam and after that we travelled to Lake Powell to check out the new vessel engines and picked between a few styles of water skis.' Which means I had to tour ancient ruins in a foreign country, then go water skiing and boating … it's my work!"

Maughan started purchasing resorts with sagging earnings, sending in turn-around groups and coaxing brand-new earnings out of them. State authorities requested him to take over boat and marina concessions at numerous national parks, too. These days, Forever Resorts has seventy sites, including twenty-five game parks in South Africa (where he's reproduction extinction-threatened sable antelopes), the Southfork Ranch highlighted in the '70s television show, Dallas, even a renovated castle in Budapest.

Rex Maughan - Forever Living

His sprawling empire has expanded too large to pay a visit to each country in which Forever Living Products and Forever Resorts operate, a policy he stayed to for many years, partially simply because he loved meeting distributors (there are nine and half million of them). However Maughan states he still gets a keen feeling of full satisfaction from chatting "to men and women who have been using our products and have got much better health as a final result, and individuals who promote our products, can certainly afford a much better life-style, and end up giving back again to their own communities. It is wonderful to see people move beyond worrying over obtaining sufficient meals to eat and putting a roof over their heads."

Lessons from the trenches

Along the way, he is undertaken a couple of scrapes and learned several hard-won wisdom. He drives clear of consistently negative persons; just offers assistance when requested particularly for support; does not lend money -- "it is the quickest method to end a friendship" -- stays away from workplace favoritism and evaluates prospective workers for honesty and honesty as much as for their technical or business qualifications. He is loving of home-spun metaphors, likening a sunny attitude to "sticking a finger in honey. You can not do it without obtaining a little honey on your finger, and then every thing you contact after that is a little bit sticky."

Questioned why he is left competitors in the dust, Maughan is succinct. Undercapitalization and unethical business methods doom the majority of the businesses he has observed falter. Failing to protect expenditures from revenues and "robbing Peter while considering they can pay Paul down the road" is the most typical offense, he adds.

He is made his errors, such as working together for several years along with a rancher who was without the proper skill set and was not eager to modify in order to help make a earnings. "At some point I had to inform him that I could not afford to have him around, because I did not possess a big sufficient money tree to fulfill all of his troubles," Maughan points out. Public documents indicate a nasty lawsuit ensued, but had been dismissed by a judge.

If he had to begin all over again nowadays, and Forever Living was out of the picture, he would discover a business specialized niche associated to archeology, exactly where he could discover past civilizations, poke around antiquities and haunt galleries and museums, all while on the pay-roll. That's why Maughan hunts for rundown historical architectural structures when growing Forever Living offices around the entire world. He researches the structure's history, has it professionally repaired and then equipped for modern-day company operations. Sometimes he falls in love with a building, renovates it and opens it to the general public as a museum, as he did with the Robert Louis Stevenson house in Samoa.

A second back-up profession would be mining engineering, he confesses. Maughan is fascinated by geology, and dabbles in mining -- gold in Alaska, sapphires in Montana, silver in Nevada. "Big gemstones, natural sources -- it is all so fascinating," he says.

He does not plan on retirement -- actually. But Maughan says he is also a significantly different individual than he was fifteen years ago, when his inner drive transformed from profit-chasing to resolving social and environmental difficulties. "These days, I invest much more time working on projects to help people who possess much less. That is what is enjoyable, for me," he adds.

Bottom Line:

  • Maughan is a company guinea pig, in person is testing all brand-new Forever Living health products, from aloe vera juice to weight-loss aides, prior to allowing the green light to marketing.

  • Regardless of the billionaire status and the business and philanthropic honours, he "is still the exact same person I was when performing three jobs to get thru college. I do about the exact same thing nowadays I have always done."

  • Maughan flies business class when traveling outside of the country, however eschews the "rich food and alcoholic beverages" offered in first-class.

  • He loves fancy wheels. The Jeep Wrangler is for daily running around, but there is a Hummer and a Bentley in his Scottsdale garage, together with spouse Ruth's sporty Aston Martin.



Gregg Maughan
Vice President

Gregg Maughan from Forever Living ProductsThe youngest of Rex three children, Gregg is a graduate student of Arizona State University and is fluent in Spanish language. He began working with FLP some twenty years ago, when he became a member of the Company to process orders. He has worked in simply about each and every department and has proven his commitment and brilliance at dealing with the complexity of our business.  He is today responsible for Worldwide Sales and Marketing and travels the world tirelessly creating FOREVER LIVING with an vitality as well as vision that has brought to his success and latest promotion to Executive Vice President. Gregg and his spouse Terra, have 4 beautiful children: Sadie, Drew, Sierra, and Gentry.


why aloe from flp

Forever Living Products is the world’s biggest grower, producer and supplier of Aloe Vera products. Established in 1978, the Company is focused to providing goods that help many people. Instead than adding a few drops of Aloe Vera to our products, we begin with fresh potent Aloe Vera and then add just sufficient of the other components, as is required, to generate a whole variety of personal care products (such as skincare creams, shampoo and toothgel) to name a several. In other terms, the number 1 component is 100% Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel. We own our own extensive Aloe Vera plantations in the Rio Grande Valley, southern Texas, as well as the Domininican Republic and some other parts of the Carribbean. Each and every step of the growing procedure is maintained by specialist and caring personnel from the nursery where the ‘pups’ are nurtured, through to the meticulously cultivated areas of mature Aloe Vera plants, and on to the very carefully timed hand-harvesting. Only fully developed Aloe Vera plants are gathered, when they achieve their full strength after 4 years of growth. Absolutely no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used on or close to our plants. Our Gel is cold-pressed in just hours of being harvested, (no heat treatments or chemical filtration) then the raw potent Gel is stabilised with our patented stabilisation process with all types of berries and fruits - no artificial ingredients are applied, to create in the case of our Aloe Vera Gel drinks approximately 98% pure Aloe as it was harvested from the plant.

IASC - International Aloe Science Council sealIIn 1978 , Forever Living Products led the way for the entire world to find out the excellent positive aspects of Aloe Vera and numerous items in the Forever Living Product range have the International Science Council Seal of Approval, certifying the top quality of Aloe used in each. Forever Living Products is as well a key member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association), FLP is today authorised to hold the exclusive OFT (Office of Fair Trading) logo. The company has also been honored the Investor in People Standard.

1. FLP regulates each and every of manufacturing procedure step from selecting which leaves are ripe for harvest, right to through to the storage space temperature after bottling and world wide shipping and delivery. We are not dependent on any other supplier.

2. FLP grows Aloe Vera with out pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or vermicides. Instead than use chemical artificial fertilizers, we use skin of our Aloe Vera leaves.

3. FLP has enormous plantations Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean islands. For that reason we can tell you EXACTLY how and exactly where our aloe was grown.

4. Our gel is extracted from freshly gathered, mature leaves and stabilized to protect its essential nutritional content within hours. The stabilization process is trademarked by FLP President Rex Maughan.

5. Absolutely no artificial flavoring or coloring is added to our gel. As there are numerous harvests for the duration of the course of the year, color and flavor may vary. It has been well-known for a number of companies to add whitening agents to their Aloe Vera products, to maintain the color constant on shelves, all year long. We firmly believe that the color is NATURAL and HEALTHY.

6. Our own Aloe Vera gel is NOT homogenized or filtered. Our beverages have a rich pulp which settles and includes a lot of goodness of Aloe Vera that is required in our everyday diets. We suggest you to shake the drinks very well to obtain the complete benefit from our pulp. There are several companies who offer Aloe Vera with the pulp strained, giving it the look of bottled mineral water. In recent times, whole-leaf Aloe Vera has attracted a lot interest and is introduced by its producers as offering additional benefits. They usually avoid mentioning that in order to get rid of the strong laxative components found in outer leaf, they must pass the whole fluid through charcoal filter systems, which inevitably upsets the natural stability of nutrients found in the gel. FLP does not have to risk the integrity of the product by subjecting the gel to this filtering procedure. Because the conventional, well-proven advantages of Aloe Vera are observed in the gel, not the leaf skin, FLP discards the useless skin, using them as natural fertilizers in its aloe farms.

7. Our Aloe Vera is not boiled. Boiling or pasteurization is less expensive as well as quicker. Extreme high temperature damages the active ingredients. We use only sub-pasteurization temperature (known as cool processing) to make sure enzyme activity is protected Cool processing locks in the nutrients instantly after harvesting and allows the product to maintain its complete strength for increased time.

8. Our Aloe Vera is not reconstituted from freeze-dried gel. This is exactly how some companies may offer you ‘double-strength product and so on. Our product consist of 100% stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, from plant to product to you.

9. 100% stabilized Aloe Vera is First component on the labels of our beverages, gelly and lotions.

10. There is a full 30 day retail money-back guarantee on all our products, which is not available on most store-bought. Aloe Vera FLP Aloe Vera Gel has been declared by the Food and Drug Testing Lab of New York to be ESSENTIALLY IDENTICAL that located in a fresh leaf.



Halal certified Forever Living Products

Official List of Halal Certified Forever Living ProductsWe are happy to announce that Forever Living and Aloe Vera of America have been certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) to market our qualifying goods as ‘Halal’. In accordance to the guidelines of Halal - which means ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’ in Arabic - in order to be licensed as acceptable within their recommendations, the items must be confirmed not to consist of any alcohol or questionable components of animal source. Therefore, the products listed right here are certified as suit for consumption by Muslims.

Forever Bee Pollen®
Forever Bee Propolis®
Forever Royal Jelly®
Forever Nature-Min®
Forever Gin-Chia®
Forever Absorbent-C®
Fields of Greens®
Forever Multi-Maca®
Forever Vision®
Forever Kids®
Forever Lycium Plus®
Forever Ginkgo Plus®halal stamp
Forever Arctic-Sea®
Forever A-Beta-Care®
Forever Garlic-Thyme®
Forever Garcinia Plus®
Forever B12 Plus®
Forever Calcium®
Forever Echinacea Supreme®
Forever Pro 6®
Forever Active HA®
and many more.

The ‘Crescent M Halal’ accreditation will be an important improvement to our list of some other product certifications as well as the IASC Seal of Approval, PETA certification, and the Islamic Society and Kosher approvals. To find out more about IFANCA or Halal, please check out their website at



kosher certified forever living products


Aloe Berry Nectar®
Aloe Vera Gel®
Aloe Vera Juice®
Aloe Bits n' Peaches®
Forever Absorbent-C®
Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea®
Fields of Greens®
Forever Bee Pollen®
Forever Bee Propolis®
Forever Bee Honey®
Forever B12 Plus®
Forever Calcium®
Forever Ginkgo Plus®
Forever Kids®
Forever Lycium Plus®
Forever Nature-Min®
Aloe Lips with Jojoba®
Forever Bright toothgel®
Forever Gin-Chia®
Forever Multi-Maca®
Forever Pomesteen Power®
Forever Pro6®
Forever Echinacea Supreme®
Forever Vision®
Forever Aloe2go®
Forever Nature's 18®
Forever Active Probiotic®
Forever Lean®
Forever Fizz®
Forever CardioHealth®